September 27, 2011

( around the blogosphere: fall fashion )

everyone knows how much i adore this gorgeous gal...miss amy from a is for ampersand! i love her guts...and her style to boot! she's also the genious behind my new blog design (& she could do yours too! she's now doing custom blog designs) ps: i swear she doesn't pay me to say these'll find her brought up in almost every other blog post of mine, haha i truly just think she's THAT wonderful!!

another amy...i find this little lady absolutely stunning. her style surprises and inspires me on a daily basis, always a mix of feminine & edgy; so very pretty!

i've always idolized this gal from the minute i started reading her blog. she used to blog over at idee geniale but now you can find her here i'd like a day in her wardrobe please!

before, during and after her daughter rowan was born, jen from jen loves kev's fashion and style has never faltered. gosh i love this lady! she always looks so perfectly put together.

this pretty lady (sydney from the daybook) now has a baby bun in the oven, she too has continued to look phenomenal throughout her pregnancy. here are some pre-pregnancy photos/outfits though that i love!

if you don't have hair envy when looking at photos of julie from orchid grey then i would say that you have rightfully gone mad...i long for hair like this...get it, long? (oh i'm sleepy!) anyways, another lady that always always always has incredible style!!

these ladies are just a few of my favourite fashion bloggers. i assure you, i have a ton more!

side note: i am on a shopping ban right now. i'm not allowed to buy anything new...which means i can still thrift, of course...not that i'm going to go nutso thrifting just because i can't buy new things though. i'm doing this to save money as having money in the bank actually feels better than buying new things all of the time. it does, i swear! don't knock it before you try it...