November 12, 2012

on blogging & why people care

this blog post has been writing itself in my head for well, probably a couple of years least in the last year for sure as i've gotten more & more into blogging & what it's all about & as my number of followers somehow seems to increase. if you're a blogger, do you ever ask yourself "why do people care?" and if you're a blog reader, let me ask you "why do you care?" those questions may come off strangely, but i genuinely want to know...why do you care?

i remember my dad saying the same thing to me [& not in a rude way but more or less in a 'non blogging generation' way as he just doesn't really get blogging] and primarily he doesn't get why people care...why 670 people are following my blog and why they care about what i have to say and to be honest, i often ask myself the same question. i started this blog as a way to gather my thoughts but also because i had just moved somewhere new and i wanted to collect my new experiences in one place and have an outlet to do 'blogging' has always been in my blood i guess as i also had a livejournal account when i was younger [oh what i wouldn't give to go back and read that now] 

but...i'm not an overly exciting person, i don't take really awesome photos, i don't have fascinating outfits or a cool etsy shop to promote, i don't really write anything too riveting, i don't have a really cute kid that you want to see photos of, i don't make crafts or do any interesting DIYs [this is a list based on the blogs i tend to follow] i really am just a normal girl. i go to work, i hang out with friends but most of the time you can find me at home with my boyfriend watching netflix or reading a book, and that's all. for some odd reason 670 people care about that. it's crazy isn't it?! some days i forget that people even read this and then i get some comments here and there or someone mentions my blog [heaven forbid!] IRL [in real life] and i remember, oh ya...people do read this and for some reason people care to read about my little, ordinary life. it's bizarre. the blogging world really is bizarre when you boil it down. to people who don't blog or read blogs, they don't get what it's all about and that's okay because as i've said, most of the time i don't either. so i guess what it boils down to is why do i blog...

i blog to document my life
i blog because it's faster than keeping a journal
i blog because i think it will be really neat to look back on some day
i blog because i like the sense of community
i blog because i enjoy 'meeting' people from all over the world
i blog because i [for whatever reason] care about these bloggers that i 'follow' and read on a regular basis 
i blog because it's a fun hobby
& i guess the main reason i blog is because i enjoy it
if i didn't enjoy it anymore, or if i one day out grow it, i'll stop...but for now, i'll continue to blog. i'll continue to enjoy this awesome little community that we have and share and i'll continue to keep caring about the blogs that i religiously follow because for some reason, this is how i want to spend my time.

so...why do you blog?
and if you're a reader, why do you care?
[again, i mean this is in the most honest & loving way and i hope it doesn't come off as rude, i just genuinely want to know!] i guess a better question would be, why do you read my blog?