January 13, 2009

see you at the disco.

hi hi hi !!!
nothings better then having a day off and spending it with a super cute boy; sleeping in, going to chumleighs (our used video/book store) getting a ham&cheese croissant from dreams of beans, spending the entire rest of the day watching 'curb your enthusiasm' and then getting the internet installed; wahoo! oh ya and teddy grahams are sweet too!

so here i am, back on the internet...mikey & i are both being so super dorky right now. he's playing xbox live and talking to his friends through the headset and i'm sitting here being internety and listening to my ipod; luke pickett at that...dreamy, dreamy music. if you've never listened to him, please do.

(sidenote: andy just woke up, stretched like a halloween cat and then sneezed like fifteen times in a row. strange?! haha)

so i paid off my visa the other day and damn, did that ever feel good. so why is it that all i want to do now is shopshopshop...it's super hard especially when there's so many cute things online.

in the meantime...everyone can have a little wish list right?

mmmm. i want more boots. i love boots

boots! boots! boots

all of these beautiful boots come from www.etsy.com, one of my favourite websites. i could...i mean, i do sometimes, spend hours on here!

ps: boots is a funny word...