June 24, 2014

oh hey blog.

it's been two months & to be quite honest i barely noticed. summer is obviously always busy but the very last thing on my mind has been blogging; both reading & writing & i'm 100% okay with that. instead i've been getting outside, going for runs, hanging with friends, spending more time with mikey & let's be honest, a whole lot of sleeping too. in the past two months i turned 28, went camping with 13 of my bff's for my birthday, mikey changed jobs & i just booked a flight to BC to visit my best friend & i cannot wait to see the mountains & drink wine & go camping & hiking with her & do all of the little things that we don't normally get to do living 3 provinces apart.

i'm not even sure what brought me here today quite honestly. sometimes i feel the need to check in, let you guys know i'm still alive & well.

say hi if you're still around these parts!

May 16, 2014

summer essentials //

1/ crop toppin'
flirting with the idea of crop tops this summer...nothing extreme but a little skin never hurt nobody.

2/ #comfylife
mixing comfy lounge wear with fancier pieces. this makes it look like you're not wearing jammies in public, even if perhaps you are. this has been my life lately. 

3/ striped t-shirt dress.
must find!

4/ knotted tees
instant cropped top that you have control over the 'crop' ... genuis

5/ stripes. 

May 11, 2014

inspiration is powerful

the internet is a pretty cool place. sometimes it can be a terrible, mean place but other times it can be a wonderful & inspiring place & lately i've been feeling the latter.

the internet can become  a very influential place & sometimes i am very easily influenced by it. fellow bloggers or people who read blogs often will especially know what i'm talking about. who hasn't felt like they wanted, sorry needed something because so-and-so has it or you saw it on someone & loved it. i mean everyone is constantly being bombarded by advertisements in the media whether it be tv, radio, internet, magazines, etc...now it's also on social media; blogs, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram...it's hard not to be affected by it, and you can let it consume you & bring you down OR you can use it in a positive way.

lately i've been trying to use social media in a positive way...
here's how:
+ use pinterest to find recipes & exercises you can make/do at home
+ follow people on instagram who inspire you
+ unfollow people who don't (it's quite simple)
+ search hashtags for people with common interests (lately i've been following #whole30, #cleaneating #paleo)
+ post things that mean something to you
+ pin those cheesy inspirational quotes (some really resonate)

it's really awesome that changing the people you follow on instagram can sort of change your outlook on life. i've recently started following more active people. i like following people who are making delicious paleo meals, are posting quick workout videos, are happy & positive, who are posting things that i actually care about, you know?
i've had several people now tell me that they're doing the whole30 challenge because they saw a post i did. i know not everyone likes seeing foodie photos but i do & that's inspired some people to try it. that's a cool feeling. the other day alexz tagged me in an IG photo & said she was running because she was inspired by my running lately. i definitely feel inspired by others...like crazy, whether it be to exercise or get creating for black & bronze, or a new meal to try, inspiration is a powerful thing.

if i'm trying to cut back on shopping or am doing a shopping ban, i will unfollow brands for a little bit. it might seem silly but it helps. you're not constantly having things that you want right in front of your face OR on the flip side, when i do constantly have something in my face (like healthy people doing healthy things) i am more likely to make healthy choices or have motivation to go for my run after work.

May 9, 2014

life & things & stuff.

my pal amy wrote a blog post about growing up, not giving a shit & loving mornings...they all kind of have something to do with each other, but mostly i just love that we always seem to be on the same page though we live miles apart & don't talk too often. i kind of love that about blogging...you meet friends who if you were just in the same damn town, you'd be bff's, because everytime they write a new post, you can relate. it's awesome. it's also frustrating because she resides in utah & i in ontario...not even the same country.

anyways, it got me thinking about things...as her posts often do, and i feel as though i've grown up a lot in the last year. no i still don't have a 'career job' per se nor has anything "grown up" taken place (buying a house, engagements, preggo) nothing like that, but i feel as though i have done some growing. i do not feel as though i am the same person at (almost) 28 that i was at (almost) 27. this time last year, as much as i would have probably said i knew myself, i feel a lot more confident in myself & who i am today. i am one month away from turning 28 & as much as that number is not old, it's also not super young either. i feel much better about my general outlook on life & happiness & what everything means. by no way am i saying that i have anything 'figured out' (because i don't. but do we ever? really...) but i feel more sure of myself, of my life & the choices i'm making. i feel more confident in the aspects of my life that matter most. i know what people & things mean most to me. i know who i enjoy spending time with. i know it's okay to stay in because chances are i'm not missing out on anything. i know that being in bed by 10pm makes me happy. i know that i enjoy spending time with myself. i know that my friends are amazing & as we grow up, we change. and that's okay. i know that life is beautiful & sometimes you have to search for that beauty. i am comfortable in the skin & the clothes i wear. i know that my health is my #1 priority. i know (now) that i really like running. i know what i like & i don't care as much what everyone else does. i know who i want to spend my life with. i know the things that i want out of life & feel confident that i will have them. one day. 

& on that note...the only constant is change. changes are what help us grow. i used to sleep in. i used to freaking LOVE sleeping in. granted i still love sleeping, that part has not changed...but instead of sleeping in, i go to bed early & wake up early & i'm kiiiind of obsessed with it. i love my mornings. my morning routine is generally the same everyday, just a little bit slower on my days off of course. i wake up at 7:45am almost like clockwork. at this point i don't even need to set an alarm (of course i still do) i make a coffee & a smoothie, if i need a shower i shower, i'll check up on ig/facebook/pinterest & relax a bit, sometimes do some short exercises. mikey doesn't get up until 9 & i enjoy my morning 'me' time. i also enjoy my evening 'me time' & my day off 'me time' haha...i enjoy hanging out with me & the older i get, the more i enjoy this fact.

anyway, life you guys. it's good!