October 2, 2014

currently //

chewy chocolate chip cookies with a coffee with hazelnut creamer in it, mmm.

lot's of coffee & green tea these days! 

yoga (soon-to-be) thankfully getting back into that on a weekly basis!

 the art of minimalism; really trying to make a change.

alt j's cover of 'latch' from the bbc live lounge - dear god, so good. in fact if you search bbc live lounge covers you won't be disappointed
 nothing currently, but i have plans to hit up the library tomorrow.

suits! oh man i'm so in love with that show right now!

just about everywhere (as usual) & going for lots of runs lately (again) too!

less than i would like to be at this time of year. i want boots & scarves & layers & this damn summer heat has been over staying it's welcome. i should be wearing this:

 i don't do much of that. last time i 'baked' was those pop-in-the-oven pillsbury cookies (pumpkin spice, mmm!) but generally i try not to keep baked goods in the house or i'll eat 'em all.

i just changed jobs & so i'm not working crazy hours like i was. having time to myself again has been absolutely lovely...plus i am loving my new job!

last time i travelled was to toronto last weekend to do the CN tower edge walk, which was incredible incase you were wondering. i'd like to take a road trip soon with this dude as well...

loving - how beautiful this season is!! the sidewalks have been covered in orange leaves on my runs lately & i'm in love.