September 10, 2014

feels like home.

mikey & i have been in our place for 3+ years now. we've been together for 6 1/2 years & for the first 4 years of me living here, we moved once a year until we found this place. because we moved so much in those first 4 years, i guess i've always thought of most spaces & places as temporary. i've never really put a lot of love into a space because in my mind we'll be moving in a year or two. a few weeks ago i realized that we will not be moving for probably another 3-5 years or until we can afford a house & so i've started to want to make this one what i know it could be. we asked our landlord if we could do some painting & make some aesthetic changes to the parts of our place that we don't love & he said yes! we're going to start this soon & so naturally all i can think about is paint colours & spend hours on pinterest looking for inspiration.

most of the pieces & decor in our house are beige or a shade of brown (like in the first photo) & so naturally that makes me feel like we should keep the walls a taupe or beige or stick to white. i do love a crisp white wall. mikey isn't as keen on white on white & so i've been looking into colours & i've been so drawn to greys. i know nothing about interior design, i like what i like but i've pinned a lot of photos lately that have me excited about changing around our little space.

i deep cleaned the kitchen, bathroom & living room the other day. i embarrassingly enough hadn't done that since we moved in. of course i have cleaned but not a scrubbing-the-baseboards kind of cleaning & it felt really good!! next up is the bedroom & my office/closet room...& then the attic (dear god, the attic) the attic is mikey's jam space for his band & so i shouldn't say that i will be deep cleaning it, as much as he will be. i'm sure you can imagine the amount of empty pbr cans & general crap that is up there; when cleaned it's actually a great space, so it will be nice once that's done too. 

i bought a new shower curtain & bath mat for the bathroom. it's crazy how such little changes like that can make a big difference. next we'll be replacing some of the crappy plastic drawers that we have for the bathroom & our bedroom (with items my parents had aside for us!) & that will make it feel a little more grown up as well. i just want to feel good in this space. i've always liked this's just never really felt like a home. i know that we can't afford to buy a house for another several years, so in the meantime i'd like for this one to feel as much like home as possible. 

if i remember, i'll try to take some before & after shots. i know i always like seeing those!