September 7, 2014

all the fall //

you know how i know fall is coming? because i get the itch for change. i want new hair, new clothes, new art on my skin, new things for my house, new music. the nights are getting darker sooner & i feel like staying in, drinking tea, spending time on pinterest & even *gasp* blogging! for some reason that always happens in the fall for me. i guess this makes sense, i'm starting to channel that hibernation that always comes with cooler temperatures, i can feel it already. we had a few really hot day last week but my favourite temperature is showing now in the forecast for all of the days ahead & i couldn't be happier about that.

even though fall is coming, i still got a sunburn today. it felt nice because i truthfully haven't spent a whole lot of time outside this summer - it went so fast, so damn fast. the last time i updated was the end of june, that proves how quickly summer has come & gone. last i wrote i was booking my flight to B.C & since then i have seen beyonce & jay z in concert, my best friend broke her hand & got engaged (different hands) my family planned a trip to florida for next march, i quit my job, i got a new job, i have been working a buttload, i haven't had much time to run & i've become obsessed with 'orange is the new black' (in that order).

anyways, i think i'll be around these parts a little more now, so hello again!