June 24, 2014

oh hey blog.

it's been two months & to be quite honest i barely noticed. summer is obviously always busy but the very last thing on my mind has been blogging; both reading & writing & i'm 100% okay with that. instead i've been getting outside, going for runs, hanging with friends, spending more time with mikey & let's be honest, a whole lot of sleeping too. in the past two months i turned 28, went camping with 13 of my bff's for my birthday, mikey changed jobs & i just booked a flight to BC to visit my best friend & i cannot wait to see the mountains & drink wine & go camping & hiking with her & do all of the little things that we don't normally get to do living 3 provinces apart.

i'm not even sure what brought me here today quite honestly. sometimes i feel the need to check in, let you guys know i'm still alive & well.

say hi if you're still around these parts!