December 31, 2014

2014 goals revisited + new 2015 ones

+ i'll just get the most cliche one out of the way right off the hop: get healthy! it felt so great when i was on the whole30 & eating clean...i need to remember that feeling when making food choices. i have a very sensitive stomach & could live more comfortably if i put more thought into my food choices. also, i've been paying for a gym membership that has been poorly neglected for months. time to get back at it! i know i have the ability to be in really amazing shape, but i'm also really awesome at eating entire bags of S&V potato chips (like, really amazing) no more!! i almost want to tell the employees at the convenience store across the street to ban me, unless i'm buying milk or eggs...yes it's that bad
+ i did another whole 30 in the spring & it went well, i didn't stick to my plan as much as i would have liked too once it was over but i cancelled my gym membership (which i wasn't using) & instead used that $$ to buy a few workout DVD programs that i can do at home that are more my thing. i stopped going to the convenience store for treats (as often as i was) because you still have to treat yourself sometimes!

...also, i've got baby fever, hard (don't freak out yet!). there are a few (read: many) things that i'd like to accomplish before i even start to think about this however maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important first step to that process as well & it's never to early to make that a priority anyways
+ this wasn't exactly a goal (??) but i definitely feel like i made some changes in the right direction as to where & how i would like my body to be...this is a whole life thing, not just a goal you reach & then stop.

+ get my license. this will 100% happen this year because we already have a car waiting in the driveway for us, the motivation is right in front of our noses!!
+ this didn't exaaaactly happen, but hey Mikey did & we love driving! I will be going in the Spring because I don't want to take driving lessons in the winter! Seeing him drive makes me want to even more so.

+ set weekly & daily goals & remember that everyday is a new day to start fresh...cheesy but true when it comes to completing goals!
+ this happened sometimes, but not everytime.

+ be more patient. i get snappy too often with the ones i love (primarily mikey) & it's not fair to take whatever craziness is going on in my brain out on them/him
+ this is something I'll be working on my whole life & that's okay...getting better everyday.

+ save more money. budgeting can actually be can shopping, but i just need to remember how good it feels to have $$ in my savings account. we want to buy a house as well (not exactly a goal for this year as i don't think it's possible) but i'd like to be one step closer to making it possible
+ i took a step in the right direction by changing jobs which has made it so that I can start putting $$ into a savings account each pay cheque & that feels really good! Working a job where you make tips really helps with this!

+ learn how to use my DSLR's only been 3 years. example: i just went to jamaica for 7 days & didn't take a single photo
+ not exactly as I sold my camera haha but I sold it as I wasn't using it & used the $$ to pay off my visa which felt great!

+ i want to feel motivated, in all aspects of my life, whether that be to get up an hour early to get a workout in or come home & make a healthy dinner instead of plopping myself on the couch. i want to feel motivated & energized & less lethargic
+ I definitely felt good about my choices this year, not every single day but as an overall yes & I want 2015 to be even better!

+ i want to expand black&bronze. i want to feel proud of my little etsy shop & have time & love to put into it
+ I lost all motivation for my jewellery this year & that didn't feel too great, but you can't force creativity. With my new job I have more time & hopefully when I feel inspired again, that will bring me back to black&bronze because I do still love & miss it.

+ incorporate yoga into my life. i did hot yoga once & have done home DVDs a few times & always really enjoy it. i want this to happen. also i really want to try suspension yoga as well!
+ definitely in the right direction with this as I started a 6 week yoga class every Monday morning which will begin again in the new year. I wish/am possibly going to try to do 2 classes every week as I really love starting the week/day with yoga & wish I could every morning.

+ spend time thinking about what i want out of life, on a daily basis. life goes by way too fast & sometimes i feel so caught up in daily routine that i lose touch with what i want
+ slowing down & realizing that life isn't about what's happening next but what's happening now. Changing jobs & making my focus more on what's happening right now feels good. It's pushed me to actually think less about the future, but in a more positive light. I always use to think about what I wanted from my future waaay too much & putting too much pressure on myself & others around me. Appreciating each day for what it is is a much better way to live your life.


so overall, looking back on 2014, I'd say I did a pretty good job, considering I didn't ever look back onto these & readdress what was going on, I'd say my focus was pretty good. Of course I have a few new resolutions, I kind of love making resolutions which is why it's better to make them all throughout the year rather than just at the beginning. This year I've decided to not have a wack of resolutions that I may or may not complete throughout the year, instead I will have a mantra, which I've chosed to be this...

& of course found an adorable Pinterest photo to accompany it. Because 'Be here now' can mean many making resolutions in the now to make changes all year instead of at the beginning of a new year, or putting down my phone & living in the moment, or taking a moment every morning to meditate or do yoga or enjoy a hot coffee. It could mean that I spend more time with friends, take more deep breaths, spend more time with can mean anything I want it to, but mainly appreciating things as they come instead of looking towards to future, and I dig that. 

Happy New Years!! Make some resolutions or create a mantra, or hell, do whatever the fuck you want because it's your life anyways :) Love to you guys.