February 11, 2009

'he's just not that into you' was as girly and predictable as i had heard/thought but still so good. everyone needs a good dose of girlyness everything here and that definitely filled it. it's funny cause at the beginning of the movie they're talking about boys and how when they start to make fun of you, it means they like you. i don't know about anyone else but i know that my mum definitely told me that was true when i was little as well. there was this one boy who would just torture me in nursery school/throughout elementary school and my mum would always say "it's cause he likes you". i'm glad once boys grow up, they don't act like that anymore haha. funny way of showing someone you like them...

i just made yummy banana muffins. i love the smell of freshly baked muffins or cookies. we have this chocolate chip cookie dough candle that smells exactly like that so even if i'm not baking, it still smells like i am!
because the weather ruined my plans for today, i'm going to make a pillow out of one of my old/favourite mickey mouse shirts instead. i hope it turns out good! i have pictures of some of my new/cute snugglies but i can't post them yet cause they're still in the mail to some people & i wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

look at that pathetic excuse for a ponytail. i haven't decided yet whether i want to keep my hair short (it looks a lot better down then like this, haha) or whether i want to grow it out again. i'm thinking grow it out but then i always get to that awkward crappy stage where i hate it...where it's in between short and long and i know once i get there, i'll hate my hair for a couple months. i just keep thinking how long it would have been if i hadn't of cut it all off...it'd be soooo long by now. i'd probably hate it cause i think girls are ever rarely satisfied with their hair for long periods of time...or maybe i'm just one of those 'want what you can't have' kind of people; when it comes to hair anyway. when i had my long hair i hated it and wanted it to have more style...now that i have a cute short haircut i want my long hair back. i'd also love to go back to blonde but can't cause it would kill my hair. it's a constant battle it seems. hmph! i know i'd like my hair long for the summer so i can have a (real) ponytail and generally medium-long hair is easier to deal with right? no that doesn't make much sense...shorter hair should be, oh i don't know. anyway!

and now...a little hair timeline. cause i miss it...

at it's absolute blondest...pretty much platinum. i think it looks the best like this but as i said, it totalllllly fried my hair. *sigh* i miss it. this photo was taken at scene fest two years ago (good times!)

same haircut as above, just worn naturally. this hair was big & fun!

i loved it like this too...kind of an in between. still blonde but not quite as bleached as the above photo (this was taken on 4/20 last year)

i'm not sure when this was taken...one, maybe two years ago. when i had my hair dark with extensions...i liked this hair too. yes, i know what you're thinking "carly, why the hell do you look tanned?" i think it's some sort of fake tanner/burn cause it was taken in the summertime...so maybe just maybe it actually happened. doubtful though. i wish i could get it back though, whatever kind of freak accident it was...?

valentines day, last year...long & red...i want it back now please.

same haircut as the last...just worn how my hair goes naturally. i can't do that anymore with short hair...ugh! i REALLY want this length back.

i could do fun, pretty, curly things like this with it. taken on new years last year.

alright, that's it. i'm growing my hair back out. my original thought for this was to post photos of my hair now as well (short) and was going to ask for opinions but screw it, i know that i need to grow it back out. it was so pretty. so if i start now, maybe it'll be this long (naturally) when i'm....25; ohhhh :( in the mean time, hello extensions. i never thought it would result in you again.