February 20, 2009

i have made two of these cute bow headbands out of old tee shirts of mine. they are perfect for making big unruly hair look cute. i made a red one as well and plan to make a million more! also...i decided that while i am trying to grow my hair, that using my flat iron may not be the best idea...so i'm embracing my curls once again. i wish my hair was a lot brighter red...though i am quite impressed with how well the colour has stayed this time around.

also, i want this dress, really bad. i think it would be perfect for a summer wedding (this is assuming that i would have a summer wedding to go to) are you still not allowed to wear white to a wedding...or is that rule out the window?

i'm so sick of winter. what happened to those lovely spring like days we had a couple weeks ago where i could walk outside in just a hoodie...such a tease.

go figure that my online class starts pretty much right when my seven day work week starts as well, i'm so behind. i made a really cute scrapbook featuring little miss andy electric, i will post photos when i finish! i'm pretty proud of it