February 6, 2009

i'm currently enjoying a very large cup of green tea and listening to luke pickett ♥ pretty enjoyable evening if you ask me. so...as promised, some photos of what i've been making lately! these are all just cellphone/ipod cases still, i'm going to continue making these for people as i want everyone to have one! if you want one and i don't have your address already, leave it in a comment and i'd be more then happy to make you one!

isn't she pretty???

my work space! jess gave us this table which is so perfect for all of my stuff :) we might do some moving around to see where it looks best but i love love love having my own desk and area to get crafty ♥ !!

andy loves this table...she rolls all over it, which is actually what i think she's doing in this photo here...pretty cute. she's always a pretty dependable model. i mean i know she's always going to be home, just gotta catch her at the right times!