February 23, 2009

omg! omg! omg! omg!

okay, so i'm obsessed with a lot of things right now but finding one thing that combines FOUR of those obsessions is incredible. i just about screamed when i saw this dress in winners...

to make the obsessions clear, a) it's my favourite colours, i love red & seafoam...b) it's tokidoki ft. hello kitty, whom i adore...c) it has red heart buttons down the front (red&buttons=cute!) and d) it's a strapless dress, i love dresses and i love strapless things...oh ya & e) it was only $40! there's only one thing, this little hello kitty on the side with the green monster type hat on; observe...

see? i don't really know what they were thinking with that...if the hat thingy was seafoam, cute...but green? where did that come from! anyway, i'm going to sew a red heart there instead and then, the dress shall be perfect ♥ oh and that's not in...i also found this little beauties; rocketdogs for $8!! (the lady at the counter told me that winners is closing down their shoe section...kinda sad)

and cause i felt like it...more photos...cause i haven't done this in forever!!

naturally, those sunglasses are red...but i liked this one in black and white rather then colour...& my little bow bracelet which i love so much.

so today i decided to take a much needed 'me' day. i've been a little rundown lately, not sleeping overly great and just mentally exhausted so i'm spending some time with me. aka: relaxing, drinking lots of tea&crafting my little heart out. (i have lots to catch up on from my online class)

sooo, i signed up for the gym yesterday and i'm really stoked on getting back into that. i miss feeling good about myself and actually taking care of my body. there's some really fun classes that they offer there too (for free!) abs&arms, yoga&pilates, spin and even dance classes! i'm really excited to get back into a routine and start feeling motivated again!

today is a good day ♥