February 24, 2009

today i started going to the gym like i've been promising myself i would do for like a year. so i signed up a few days ago and started today. i already feel better. just getting back into a routine where i'm not just sleeping and working is nice...feels good :) tomorrow i'm going to one of the yoga classes! can't wait. this week is going to be fuuuun ♥
thursday - heading home to pickering (dentist/doctors appointments)

friday - free during the day, who wants to hang? then going downtown and partying for robbie collins birthday (wooo!) haha i get really excited about partying now cause i'm not doing it every weekend like i use to, lol.

saturday - work at 3 til 11 or 12 and then partying with richy&peter slack who are you coming to visit, as well as bry, jess, andrea and whoever else wants to come and have serious dance parties!!

sunday - i wish was a day of rest but i'll have to work at 3 again, bummer!
then continues the regular work week...i'm looking forward to getting in some good party times though!!
today i...

haha i don't know where that came from. just showed up when i typed in 'feel good' into google cause just text blog entries are pretty boring...& i like knuckle tats! anyway, hope everyone else has nice days as well!