March 29, 2009

the best part of rainy days...rainboots! mine kinda look like these ones;

you know what would make this rainy sunday perfect? not having to work and i could just stay holed up in the apartment all day making crafts & drinking tea & hanging with andy electric; but alas, work it is. money always wins, doesn't it? rainy days always make me sleepy. it's so true that the sun boosts endorphins. ah well, i can handle being least i got up & went to the gym today.

i plan on designing more notebooks tonight (hopefully i have the energy) as i have two custom orders, one for lauren & one for that should be fun!!

mikey&i desperately need to go grocery shopping...there's not much that can be eaten in the house right now. that and i need to save money, i might try that kellogs challenge (where you eat nothing but cereal for 12 days or something) sounds cheap and i'd probably lose a few pounds too; bonus! can't wait for my tax return; money money money. hopefully having enough to start thinking more seriously about that new camera i've been craving.