March 16, 2009

i feel like a lot of people of the blogs i follow are making lists of things they need to get done. i have my 'to do' list here on my's some things i need to do (& soon!)

+ get un-sick
+ grocery shop
+ send sara mail in australia!
+ pick up y t4 from noodle bar & get everything sent off to my dad
+ make a curtain/cover for our video case
+ clean the bathroom
+ organize clothes better (there's just so many between mikey & i)
+ wash our towels
+ do laundry (in general)
+ finish unfinished projects for rva class
+ make some brooches
+ more monsters!!
+ finish up package for craft swap
+ spring cleaning!!!
+ get my life together...

it will all have to wait until my next day off (tuesday)
think i can get it all done in one day?