March 26, 2009

lately i've been so tired, i don't know what it is. but i find it incredibly hard to wake up before noon...if not later. i need to get my ass back in gear and start going to the gym instead of sleepy sleeping. get lifting some weights, like this girl...cause everyone knows you are supposed to wear lingerie to the gym!

haha. anyway! tomorrow is my other day off. it also happens to be pay day!! that means going shopping...not for clothes, for craft stuffs! i plan on getting mega crafty tomorrow...making more totes, monsters & snugglies! i also have another idea for something that i want to work on as well.

i'm very pleased with the response to my facebook album about selling things. i currently have sold one small notebook and three snugglies (in one day!) feels nice that people actually like the stuff i make as well.

alright, since i slept in i have no time today to do anything other then shower (again, that whole showering thing taking up my precious time) haha.