March 20, 2009

lovely ♥

yesterday was absolutely exactly what i needed, in every respect. mum came to visit and we had a lovely day! took andy to the vet to get her shot (side note: i think she's done being in heat...knock on wood; still getting her spayed asap cause i never want to experience that again) then we stopped at this antique store (which i loooove) it's SO big and there's so much to look at/lust over. i just kept saying "i need a house...i need a house" there was this incredible yellow table & chairs from the 70s and it was absolutely perfect. if i had a spare $249 and a spot to put it, they would have been mine! again, needing that house...i got a jar of buttons (some really awesome vintage ones, sets of buttons in it too!) then we went to winners where i got some cute shorts (can't wait for summer!) & this super cute red dress...

after that we headed for lunch at the pizza factory where we ate delicious pizza and chit chatted. then we went to the mall, got a cute top from old navy (gotta love $5 tees!) with a red anchor & ♥ on it! we made one last stop at fabricland before heading home, where i got some polyfill stuffing (for pillows & monsters) and some more buttons (you can never have enough)

(i wish my camera wasn't crappy and would show the little anchors on the navy blue ones) i looove the little scissors, mum spotted those ones! then we went to s.o.s where mum got some hot new kenneth cold sandals and then to flavour where i got the cuuuutest obey dress; ohmygosh i'm so in love with it!! and i know you wanna see it...

navy blue & white stripes, gold buttons, pockets, rope ties...*sigh* the photo really doesn't do it justice! but i just got home from the gym so i'm not really into modelling it right now. but ahhh, how cute is it?! (thanks mum ♥!!!) after mum left, mikey and i spent the night cuddling on the couch, watched 'as good as it gets' (i love that movie) and being lovely dovey. today is a gorgeous day, the weather is nice (kinda chilly but the suns out!) i started back at the gym today after a week + long break due to my cough...feels good to get back into it. heading to work for four...hope everyone has a great friday!

i made this little guy a couple nights ago! it's raining rainbow buttons!!

edit//how could i forget?? i also got the cuuutest after bath kind of robe from winners as well. it's pink & hello kitty!! photos later for sure!