March 17, 2009

you know what's funny? going to the bar on st.pattys day in a university town where everrrrryone is complete waste cases and you've had all of two drinks. it's funny to see how stupid people act when they're drunk...such a turn off. it almost makes me want to never drink again....almost.

you know what makes me sad/disgusted? the amount of people who's faces are lit up from the glow of their cellphone or blackberry. you're at a bar, you're out with friends, why oh why are you attached at the hand to your mobile? sooo uneccessary! and the best part was...seeing people dancing (one on one with someone else) WHILE texting. whyyyyy!! ugh. makes me sick. i honestly wish i could get rid of my cellphone, if i wasn't locked into a contract with rogers (& if i didn't live somewhere where i don't have a home phone) i totally would. it disgusts me how attached people are...disgusts me. if you're out with someone (in real life) do you really need to be texting someone else? the answer is no.

anyway! i had a nice day today. mikey and i slept in, went to speak easy for breakfast, took a walk around town, went to the only for a beer, picked up some groceries, hung out at the apartment, teddy came over to start mikeys tattoo (they're still at it...) and ya, overall a good day off. tomorrow i don't start til six. back to the gym...or going to try. i haven't been able to go because of my cold, i'll start doing cardio and then i start coughing up a lung...not so healthy. so tomorrow it's back to the grind.