April 23, 2009

day off! day off! day off! in fact, make that two days off...today&friday! have i ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have two days off in a row? preeeetty wonderful. i am enjoying a large cup of tea & a bowl of dry cheerios and thinking about what i'm going to do today and tomorrow...
plans for today:
- gym
- liannes for lunch & beers in her sunroom
(chicken spinach pizza, mmm!)

plans for tomorrow:
- gym
- shopping??
(side note: i hate that my plans do not include any sewing...yes, still not fixed)
last night mikey & i re-arranged the apartment and by apartment i mean the main room (& added a dresser in the kitchen) i like it...a little. mikey says it will grow on me. it's just not very centered and that's something i've always liked in a room. it does make the main room look bigger though, which is nice...maybe i'll take some photos to show you tomorrow.

ohmygosh. look what i've just found on etsy.com, who would have thought there would be so many cuuuute tea related things!!

charlieccbb on etsy.com

IceCreamCandy on etsy.com

marine13 on etsy.com

thelovelyteaspoon on etsy.com

insanejellyfish on etsy.com

KnitStorm on etsy.com

eee! so cute & fun!! okay time to start my day...