April 2, 2009

i have a new favourite thing to make right now. they are so much fun! i made a bunch tonight & i plan on making more tomorrow as well on day two of my days off. i plan on doing some custom ones as well if other people come up with fun things for me to do!! i'll share what they are tomorrow...i can guarantee you're gonna want one; they make any outfit so much more fun, i promise you that :)

tonight mikey & i made a delicious dinner of alfredo pasta with scallops ♥ one of my fave kinds of pasta; mmm it was so delicious!! we didn't end up re-organizing/changing around the apartment as we wanted a full day to do it (plus we didn't care to move much after our big pasta dinner, haha) we watched 'taxi driver' then i just listened to the spill canvas all night (oh my goodness i still love them as much as i did when i was sixteen years old) and got crafty.

tomorrow i also plan on cleaning/organizing our closet. i love doing that, but definitely don't do it as much as i should. it gets messy so quick.

this is a tim walker photo that i saw & fell in love with on another blog...