April 2, 2009

i love today.

slept in a little bit (til about eleven am) saw that the sun was shining and it was warm (!!!) had a shower with the window open and the sun shining in (we have a window in our shower) got ready (wearing mikeys clothes again haha) went to dreams of beans and got free coffee for mikey & a white tea for me (thanks steve!!) and then headed to the only for beers & good eats on the patio with lianne, meg, lauren (& sporatic others) ...is that how you spell sporatic?...then we went to value village where i bought a yellow toque for summer (yes i'll still wear my slouchy toques in the summer...why not?) and some sweet fabric for making a cute summer dress

now i'm hanging at home, drinking white tea out of my favourite oversized mug...i plan on finishing up a project i'm working on for someone (will post photos when i'm done!) and waiting for mikey to get home...we're going to re-organize the apartment...eeee, organizing excites me!!

photos that are accidents but end up turning out kinda sweet are neat.

i love not having to wear a jacket!!
ps: holy crap!! i can't believe it's april already!!