April 6, 2009

it's f*cking snowing out there; good lord why? i mean it did a little the other day but this snow is actually staying on the ground. i always remember my mum saying "it always snows at least once in april" well i sure as heck hope this is it cause i am so tired of snow and winter and cold...and we had those few nice, teaser days where it was warm and i didn't even need a jacket. global warming, what the heck are you doing to us here in canada?! i mean, i thought global warming was at least supposed to make things...warm...no?? guess not...

anyway. two more days of work and then i head home for three! pretty excited for home cooked meals...meals are something few and far between...i mean i eat, i'm not saying that but full meals...meat, potatoes, veggie...doesn't happen to often, or really at all. oooh and especially easter dinner (mmm!!) i'm excited to see my parents and kyle and bree and richy and (hopefully) erika...julie, if i'm lucky and she can squeeze me into her busy life ;) maybe peter slack (again, if he has time) ...it'll just be nice to be back home (my pickering home) for a bit...it always is!

i think i'm gonna go make some pancakes

edit// remember when you were little and your mum or dad would make your pancakes into shapes or letters for you? i tried today...just couldn't do it. there must be some adult secret...

ps: feels weird that everyone i went to brock with (for the most part) is done school now and has a degree...i should have been one of those people.

pps: i don't feel like doing one single thing today. i wish i had the day off. i hope work is quiet like it was yesterday so i can finish my book...yesterday i started my book and got 300 pages in!