April 15, 2009

"oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun, please shine down on me"
i use to sing this a lot when i was little. there's a really cute home video of me when i was about two or three singing it actually...i wish i could upload home videos to my blog, haha. i was a cute kid! ...really loving this weather lately ♥

i don't work until six tonight; wahoo! that was a nice surprise...i had totally forgotten. i have some things to do today.

+ grocery shop!

+ work on some orders

+ spring cleaning
(i really want to get rid of a lot of junk)

+ set up a special savings account for my 'tea party' monies

+ buy a piggy bank so i stop spending my change on the vending machine at work...i mean, saving money & not gaining weight; seems only logical (that and i really want a cute piggy bank! haha)

+ write in my journal...i've been neglectful lately

last night mikey cleaned all the floors in the apartment (♥) we went to home hardware before i went to work and bought a mop&bucket as we didn't have one until now (i know, i know...six months of living here without one; it's almost shameful) anyway, the floors look awesome and the apartment is (mostly) clean; still some small things to do...that and organizing, always.