April 9, 2009

time at home has been lovely. yesterday i walked to the mall for some excerise and to cash my gst cheque and look around a bit. they've done so many renos to the mall, it looks really good; still doesn't have many stores that i enjoy but then again, i'm not much of a mall girl anymore anyway (thank goodness for that! i worked there long enough and at enough stores...) yesterday night we had a yummy dinner or roast beef, my mums potatoe dish which is soooo good and green beans...it was nice to have a real meal! last night after chatting with my mum for a few hours, richy and i met up with bree and dan at shags for a pitcher of beer, i came home and watched the sex and the city movie as it's on our free movie channel right now...i'd already seen it but i wanted to see it again. there was one part in that movie that really made me angry (most girls will probably already know the part i'm referring to) and that's when samantha is trying not to cheat on her boyfriend and instead she's eating and when she walks in the door with the tiniest little 'almost-close-to-perfect-but-with-a-little-extra-meat on her tummy and her friends freak out saying she's fat...i mean really? they're calling that fat?? no wonder there are so many people with eating disorders. the media is horrible. anyway! i haven't done much today...freshened up my hair colour (cause i'm obsessed and do it like every month) but other then that, i'm pretty much just waiting around for my mum to come home cause we're going to go to michaels (eeee ♥ basically like heaven for me!) and chapters and getting a bite to eat.

i'm so looking forward to easter dinner tomorrow night at my grammas. it's too bad that kyle has to work & mikey can't make it down cause he's having his family easter that night as well. there's always next time.
i just found my old flickr site saved as a 'favourite' on my parents computer here...i thought i'd share some of my favourite old(er) photos.
the balcony off of my room in st.catharines. it was so big & lovely...living with two of my besties...queenston; we loved to hate that place.

i just love the silhouette of my brother in this one, having a beer before we went to the casino...and the lights below from niagra falls.

warsaw caves in the summer...we hope to go back this year.

another silhouette...right before a huge storm in st.catharines.

taken in an alley way on queen west in toronto. i just love all the colours in this one...especially the colour block window...

last but not least...josh, at our place on queenston. he pretty much lived with us for last semester...i'm not sure what it is about this photo that i love so much, some people would probably find it disgusting but there's just something so cute about it...maybe it's the smug little smile on his face! haha, regardless i love this photo and always will!

hope everyone has a lovely easter weekend ♥