April 24, 2009

today while i was out, i saw this boy who was probably 8 (max) wearing this shirt that said "he is gay" and had an arrow pointing to the right (like those 'i'm with stupid' tees) and it actually made me very angry. i almost wanted to ask where he got it, what brand thinks it's okay to mock gay people and the next question is, why oh why does his mother let him wear it? it bothered me. a lot.
anyway though! i had a successful shopping trip; got some sandals, the usual couple pairs of flip flops, a dress, a white cardigan, a cute tank top, a chocolate chip cookie dough candle, tea lights and a few other little things.

the photos don't really do them much justice...but they're really neat (mum, remember them? we saw them the last time you were visiting...and i liked them but wasn't sure...well, i've been doing this thing lately [to save $$] where i will see something and if i LOVE it (i'll get it) if i just like it but am not 100% certain, i won't buy it right away and if i find myself thinking about it at a later date, i'll go back to get it...if they have my size, it's meant to be) it's a good way to not impulse buy...which i am known to do from time to time, like most gals. so there's a tip for all you impulse shoppers out there, it really works!

the dress that i bought. the lady in the dressing room told me it looked lovely with my hair colour :)

& the bottom/colours (cause the top isn't really that great of a photo)

i was just about to go make a tea then i realized i had something a little more refreshing in the fridge...

mmm, millstreet organic. how i do adore ♥

also!!! my moleskine journal order came in today, i will pick them up tomorrow and start designing right away. i have some fun ideas!