April 27, 2009

wahoo! my hair finally did something i liked today (it's been awhile)

i think curls might be my best option right now, in these growy outty times. i just want it to be looooong (shutup carly, shutup!! you complain about your hair oh so much and it's really rather annoying)

so! tomorrow is one of my days off this week. it's going to rain...now normally that would annoy the crap out of me cause today was oh so lovely and of course it will rain on my day off but to be honest, i kind of want an excuse to stay inside all day. whenever it's nice i feel like i have to be outside or i'm wasting the beautiful weather. well...if it rains i have an excuse to stay inside and design/decorate some of the journals i got in this week. i'm so excited to do them, i have some really fun ideas for them!! mikey & i have the day off together...i forsee a lot of video gaming for him and a lot of crafting for me. that and we have a fridge stocked full of beer so that's not bad.

i know, i know i'm a crazy cat lady...i'm sorry. okay no i'm not...look how cute she is! she's found a new sleeping spot; on top of some of mikeys records.