April 13, 2009

weirdest thing. it's not even midnight & mikey is asleep (he's not feeling well at all) and i'm the one who is still awake. usually it's definitely the other way around...it's pretty cute though cause andy is in there sleeping beside him, in my spot. i'm not tired yet though, strange because i'm always tired lately.

i ordered a bunch of moleskine notebooks today; lined paper ones (like usual) and blank ones as well, for sketchers or art journalers...i'm excited to have a bunch to decorate! they seem to be the 'most wanted' item in my tea party shop right now. they are also the most fun to do.

things i want right now:

. to not have a tummy ache
. for mikey to not be sick
. to do a pin-up/vargas girl type photoshoot

. my income tax return!
. my new camera (have to wait a couple weeks more)
. to get back into photography (above camera will help!)
. to be able to wear summer dresses...now
. to be able to walk outside without a jacket on
. this bookshelf (cooooolest!)

. a website for tea party (soon.soon.soon)
. another day off
. a clean apartment (all the time, not just sometimes) it's so hard to keep tidy/organized
. a tan (don't you find that people with tans tend to look skinnier and more toned? i will never have a tan. looks like my only hope is the gym...)
. this kurt halsey print

. new shoes. ahaha, i know i know...did i just say that? i have a million pairs. but i want new ones...summer ones. i have yet to pick some sweet summer sandals; so many to chose from (i have a bit of time left yet)
. to quit my job and make a living off of tea party (ya right!)