May 26, 2009

today i made these:
this is not finished as who ever orders it, i will customize it by putting their favourite song in the big blank white part!
(smaller moleskine journal...$8...perfect size for a bag or purse!)

larger moleskine journal...$10...i ♥ hot air balloons!

i also ♥ this boy...

he's a pizza monster!

today i also made a snuggly for andrea (mikeys sister) and another custom order notebook + a cottage journal for my gramma because she always keeps one so i thought i would send her one of mine! currently i am extremely frustrated with my sewing machine as i am having the darndest time getting the bobbin back in...ugh!! it's driving me nuts; i want my old one back!!

well...terminator is on & there is red wine to be drank...more later.