May 7, 2009

today i slept in until one o'clock and it felt great. i wasn't letting anything get in my way of a solid sleep in; nope, not today! i'm currently eating dry cheerios (i'm actually three years old) and drinking a big mug of green tea (duh!) work yesterday was good as i had a short shift from six to & lauren were both super hyper & excited because we had two days off after we were done! one of my customers who called last night's last name was pooman (seriously. okay, i'm actually five years old) i almost couldn't carry on with the conversation because i was giggling like a school girl. we're supposed to use the customers name at the end too when we thank them for calling rogers, but i just couldn't!! one of my favourite parts of that jobs is the mystery of what the persons name is going to be...(pretty exciting huh? ...not) i think my favourite was still james james. i wonder what his middle name is....james? lol.

elsie is doing custom girl paintings. i so badly wish i could get one...they are so cute! i just don't have the monies right now...but i would love an original elsie painting of me look at those cuties! who wouldn't want one?? her post was also about the movie 'where the wild things are' which is coming out next year i think! mikey is super excited because it was his favourite childrens book growing up! i think it looks really neat...and cute...and sad...

have i mentioned lately how much i adore i use to have an account and have recently added another one (when i started the 'pretty' online class with elsie&rachel) as we were supposed to post photos in the red velvet art group of the things we made...well now i'm obsessed with it. it's like facebook but better...just the photo albums part, and getting a peek into strangers lives through's pretty magical! recently i came across this pretty girls blog through flickr: if you have any extra time on your hands...or want to see some pretty, vintage things...check it out!

lately i've been really wishing i could get rid of my cell phone (aka: out of my contract) & just get a home phone. i haven't had a home phone in years...except when i was living at home of course and by then i had a cell phone (cell word or two?) so no one would call me on the home line. i know that i could probably never go without a mobile phone at this point (i do love sending/recieving texts) but look how cute they are...

rotary phones; soooo much cuter then mobile phones.

anywho! tonight i am looking forward to getting pretty, drinking beers & dancing...i ♥ girls nights!!