May 6, 2009

today i slept in, was woken up by some cutie taking my photo;
c'mon...who likes having their photo taken first thing in the morning? not meee. i eventually woke up, made us some pancakes and then cleaned up the apartment a little bit. i got my green romper in the mail today; eeee! it's so cute. i love the colour of it, mikeys says it looks pretty with my hair ♥

i work at six tonight and then i have TWO days off! wahoo. i'm going out with meg&katie tomorrow night...having a little girls night out and friday i think i might go shopping! i mean, i get paid...why not? i hope it's nice out both of those days [weather check] oh nooo...scattered showers! oh well, that won't stop me! i don't mind if it rains tomorrow because i rented some movies from the library and got some books so i would be content doing that all day! i rented 'juno' which we watched last night...mikey had never seen it. my goodness, michael cera is so dorky & cute, love him. that movie makes me cry & also makes me want to be pregnant & a mum (no no, not right now...) i also got 'junebug' (which is kind of funny cause junos dad calls her that in 'juno) & it has ryan from the o.c in it...annnd a movie called 'somersault'. i haven't gotten movies to watch in a long time...and free from the library is perfect!

i have messaged my tattoo artist&friend teddy to see when he can colour in this little's been a long time (over six months) since he did the outline and i'm ready for the pain again!! ooh, ouchy..this one hurt quite a bit!) but it's so worth it because after it will be reds and oranges and yellows and be so pretty; fall leaves ♥

(mikey just happened to snap this photo earlier today while i was internet'ing & more than likely listening to electric feel by mgmt cause i am obsessed...still)