May 27, 2009

today was a rainy rainy what did i do? put on my new (/old...value village purchase) floppy hat and got my last drumstick out of the fridge and had a little summer photoshoot...with myself, yes. haha! even though today was rainy it was very very good!! i talked to mum on the phone, spent a lot of time at the computer, getting inspired & got crafty.

i did this friend hannah let me borrow that quote. i thought it was so cute & so perfect for the clouds/sky and balloon heart. this is done on a recycled piece of board that was being thrown out (the white parts came on it) it was neat so i saved it from the trash! speaking of 'the trash' the owner has asked me to do a painting (like the ipod notebook i did) for his new bar that is opening called spankys! how cool? i'm really stoked on it. i also made some cute felt flower pieces for my hair. oh, and a frame (with similar felt flowers). also mikey and i made a delicious dinner...yum!!

yep, today was a good day