May 22, 2009

yesterday (well two nights ago) i did not sleep one wink. when there's something pressing on my mind, i find it really difficult (mum, i must get this from thannnnks) anyway, it wasn't all that bad...i saw the sunrise & i wasn't even that tired fact, i had a really really lovely day yesterday! after recieving some monies in the mail (best!) lianne & i went for lunch at 38 degrees & it was sooo delicious! there was even bite sized dessert (which i think is a fantastic idea! just the right amount) white chocolate dipped cheesecake & yes, it was as heavenly as it sounds! then we went to the funky buddha where i bought some gorgeous accessories! (cheap too!) i wish they photographed better because the beadwork is insane...

then we went on a long walk around east city (a part of peterborough that i had never been too before. it was so many beautiful old houses that i want to live in, with lovely porches and waterfront. we looked at some shops (including an antique store that we did not belong in, we were thinking it was going to be cute kitchsy antiques...uh uh, it was like royal antiques; everything was at least $1000) then we met up with dan&jesse and went to the only for some beers and patios and chats.

i met up with mikey when he was done work and we went to sapporos for all you can eat sushi which was so delicious; we ate soooo much! then we rented some 'curb your enthusiasm' came home, brought the mattress into the living room and did some serious cuddling!

it was the best day ♥ !!

today i have lots to do.

  1. shoppers drugmart for stamps, hair dye & envelopes
  2. go to the gym
  3. fabricland for fabric & of course, buttons!
  4. pay bills! bills! bills!
  5. make a curtain cover for our video collection
  6. go to the library for some new reading material
  7. mail out some goodies
  8. get groceries!
  9. try & squeeze in some laundry in there somewhere

i better get's almost two already!