June 10, 2009

the house we're house sitting has so much pretty artwork. this one done by the man of house; mister chris vyn. he does these neat faces in a lot of his art.

seems like raechelle likes old, vintage items like me!

today was nice. mikey&i slept in, had a nice breakfast in their cozy nook of a kitchen table (side note: must remember to take a photo...it's so cute) drank coffee (for mikey) tea (for me) and had some nice chats.

we got dressed and took bruce for a walk (the dog we are sitting for right now) the trail was so pretty and the weather was really nice!

my boyfriend is cuuuute!

um. then we went to andreas place where i fell in love...

but actually...i cried when we first saw them. yes, they are THAT cute...

omggggg! that one (above) melts my heart. he's the only one left too...and SO perfect. orange, mangy, the runt of the bunch. my heart broke 'cause we had to say no to his little adorable face.

haha this little guy makes the cutest faces.

why oh why i ask you, must kitties be so cute? mikey&i hope that andrea keeps this little guy...we named him henry and he is the cutest of the bunch (in our opinion) and if we can't have him, we want someone we know to...aka: andrea (mikeys sister) she has them at her house right now, until sunday...my guess is, she's going to keep him! & i sure hope she does.

so, overall today was lovely. tea, lovely weather, walks, kittens, oh ya & delicious food (we went to hot belly's for dinner!) yumm! one day of work tomorrow and then i have a three day weekend (& my 23rd birthday!!) excited