June 25, 2009

i like clouds; especially when they do pretty things like that.

i realize that it has been a million years since i have blogged...or um, rather a few days probably. i was at home for my days off this week (sunday-tuesday) and had a lovely time. went out for dinner to the keg (mmm!) with my famjam the first night, went to see 'drag me to hell' with my dad one afternoon (actually pretty scary!) hungout/had good chats on the new back deck with megs, got a much needed haircut, shopping with mum and drinks with friends who i miss oh-so dearly. it's nice to go home...but it's also really nice to come home to the place that mikey & i have made into our very own.

that place (our apartment) is currently a million degrees. okay, not a million but it feels like it. we do not have air conditioning and the only two windows in our place are in the shower and in our bedroom. no windows in the living room makes for a verrrrry hot apartment; ugh. it's yucky & fans can only do so much! dare i say, i'm actually looking forward to work as it is cool as a cucumber in there!

i finally found the perfect frame for it...at the dollar store too! now i just need to find the perfect spot. i think we're going to re-organize/decorate in here soon.

tomorrow i have the day off and since my sewing machine is fixed (yayy!! thanks mum) i am going to get in touch with my crafty side again. it has been far too long (over two weeks since i've made anything) there are a lot of good routines i need to get back into; the gym, eating well, etc etc. and i need to get organized; badly!! not being home for two weeks totally threw me off...