June 7, 2009

i want it to be midnight so i would be done work for the day and we would be heading to chris&raes place as we are house sitting starting tonight. wonderful things about house sitting there:
+ bruce (their really cute dog)
+ they have a front porch & a balcony off their room
+ a great backyard
+ a bbq (!!!)
+ a cute loft
+ lots of books to read
these are all things that our apartment lacks and that we are both really looking forward to! i can't wait :) also...i am looking forward to tuesday as i am meeting up with aly in toronto, wednesday i have the day off (& it's my mommas birthday; i wish we were spending it together mum!)and then i'm back to work for one more day (thurs) and then i have the whole entire (3 day weekend) off...friday, saturday AND sunday. i have not had a weekend off like that in months...probably at least a year actually! AND saturday is my birthday...only six more days and i will be 23; wahoo!