June 19, 2009

i wish i wasn't feeling crappy today.

i wish i wasn't still feeling yucky today. i have the day off and there is nothing worse then being sick on your day off; blah!! i want to force myself to feel better as this is the last day off i have house sitting at the vyns and i desperately want to go for a bike ride (they have so many cute bicycles) currently though i can barely walk down the stairs; no energy. i'm going to finish the laundry, have a shower, get some food into my tummy and then magically, my nose will stop running, i will have energy and will be able to carry on my day (let's hope...) if not, they have two great porches where i can continue reading my (well, their) book...did i mention that they basically have every book ever written by douglas coupland? and did i mention he's my faaaavourite; it's great!!

here's some inspiration for today:

i love everything about this photo. the colours, the rubber boots, the wall ♥

i really really wish i knew how to stitch. i'm sure it's not difficult i just...don't know how.

i love this dress and am going to make something like it...as soon as i figure out the bobbin on my sewing machine. i was must be dumb cause i know it's not hard...also um, HOW CUTE; her owl tattoo! love the placement.

i love this idea. little raindrops on the wall...i think it would be cute in a corner of a kitchen (like a little breakfast nook) or in a kids room.

these are oh-so-cute! i don't remember where i found them but they remind me of kurt halsey! and they are on pencil crayons....adorable!
well, happy friday everyone!!