June 16, 2009

i've been a bad blogger but i had a very great weekend where i was just too busy to blog about it. so! here i am now...as i mentioned, on my birthday mikey woke me up by telling me we were heading to toronto to do some shopping and spend the night in a hotel. on the bus, mikey told me that he had another present for me but that it would have to wait til later...it didn't wait as late as he wanted but, that's okay! when we were going to check in there was a bit of a mix up (the lady at the front desk gave away my second surprise) and mentioned about one of our friends checking in...so mikey had to tell me my second surprise which was that, after he&i went to dinner, a bunch of my pickering/peterborough friends were going to be waiting in our hotel room to surprise me!! i was still suuuuper surprised and at least i found out the day of and not like, a week later or anything! anyway, so he and i had a nice dinner (pizza and a pitcher of beer; that's so like us!) at this great restaurant on queen west and then all our friends came to party in our hotel room. i was soooo happy that so many people made it out, just for me :) so very flattered and happy!! i felt so loved ♥
anyway, around 11:30 we headed over to this loft party (our friend kalen is in the circus and it was one of his friends) needless to say, the party was a LOT of fun...some very interesting people there too, haha. everyone had a great time and we stayed up til the wee hours of the morning, dancing and having a good time! EXACTLY how i wanted to spend my twenty third birthday. the next day, mikey russ meg & i went for lunch and then i (last minute plans) went to pickering for the day to spend some much needed time with my mum! mikey suggested that the day before when we were on the bus as i had a little bus breakdown as we were passing pickering on the way to toronto and he knew it was because i had just gotten off the phone with my mum...and desperately wanted to see her. so anyway, she and i went to visit my grandparents (who are now in a retirement home) and then had a drink on our *new* deck (it's gorgeous! i will post photos later when i have more time) and then watched the last few episodes of greys...omg!! i can't believe they did. so emotional. i hate/love season finales.
anyway, it was a GREAT birthday weekend. lots and lots of love and more then i could ever ask for!! i seriously have the best boyfriend, friends and family i could evereverever ask for...♥
i am so very lucky.
[photos soon!]