June 30, 2009

ohmygosh. i just spent $30 at my favourite thrift store here in town. that means i got a TON of stuff. can't wait to take some photos (i have to do some altering first!) lots of cute stuff though; eeeee!! until then, i have some cleaning to do. my dear boyfriend was nice enough to clean out the closet (it needed it SO badly) and sweep/mop the floors...so now it's my turn. time to organize and get rid of some clothes! we both need our own closets...one day!

hope everyone is having a great tuesday!
y'all ready for canada day tomorrow?
(i realize the 'y'all' in that statement is pretty american and therefore somewhat contradicting)

it's probably one of my favourite days for a few reasons. canada is a fantastic and beautiful place to live & as most people know my favourite colour is red so it's the one day i don't look completely nutso for wearing an entirely red ensemble.

these cons are pretty sweet!!

& i wish i had these cute buttons from northernwarmthings on etsy!