July 11, 2009

happy weekend ♥

i just saw something that made me really happy; 30 followers...i had no idea so many people read this and that excites me! i wish people liked to comment more; i like comments! eeeveryone likes comments.

so, there was a bit of a change of plans for this weekend. no more camping for us. the weather isn't supposed to be good where we were going (plus a few other factors) so we chose not to go. i think (& hope) that we're going to sandy beach tomorrow...i hope it works out cause i really wanted to do something different this weekend (as mikey & i both booked it off) so it'd be nice.

today, my main priority is getting groceries. haha, that won't take long but we are in DIRE need. i also want to make a yummy dinner and go see the movie UP! mikey & i have both wanted to go see it and after two nights of drinking, it would be the perfect more relaxed night. i think it looks oh-so cute!
anyway, hope everyone is having a nice weekend!