July 7, 2009

i'm sure you guys remember these happy meal toys from the eighties right? i remember i had a whole bunch...i wish i still had them! these ones are availible on etsy from LadyThrift
i use to lovelovelove fraggle rock!


little miss piggy.

i still have a zipper pull with miss piggy on it that i've had since i was about three years old...♥

right now i am listening to a lot a lot of mstrkrft & wishing i had one of these little cuties (so obsessed with polaroids lately...i want them all!)

also...yesterday while shopping i found some more (fake) glasses that i love very much & look pretty with my hair colour...which you totally can't see from this photo (for some reason the light in the hallway always makes it look brown)

this...shows it MUCH better!
anyway, just waiting for my baby babe to get home & then we're going for a yummy dinner. i am starrrving! movies & wine after ♥