July 13, 2009

last night, after a rather long weekend (& not really the best kind...) i got a phone call from my parents telling me that my grandpa had passed away that morning. it was pretty sudden. i mean he wasn't doing great...my parents had just had to move my gramma and him into a nursing home recently after a long string of events but i really wasn't expecting something like this to happen so soon. there's been so many changes for them recently and it breaks my heart to think of my gramma being alone after over 50 years of being married to him...
he was 88 so he lived a long, good life but it's still incredibly sad; i've never had a grandparent die before...and he was my only grandpa. the last time i saw him, though he was at the beginning of having dementia, he didn't know who i was right away but he still had his sense of humor (something i've always loved about him) he was extremely stubborn and a little off-beat sometimes but he could always make you laugh. and there's one thing i know for sure...i will never, ever be able to go into a swiss chalet without thinking of him!

i love this photo of my gramma & grandpa. it was taken in 1973 in england (where my grandpa was from)