July 26, 2009

photos from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19337958@N02/

i always:
. drink obnoxious amounts of green tea
. love recieving packages in the mail!
. am looking for something new & creative to do
. love finding new blogs to read
. feel like there is 'always' something to clean in this apartment
. love shopping online
. want to change my hair (cut/colour)
. have a camera on me
. make sure mikey knows he is loved
i sometimes:
. go to the gym (this should be an 'always')
. spend time with friends (this should also be an 'always' too but it's hard because i work opposite shifts then most of my friends)
. want to be blonde
. wish i could just quit my job & do creative things as a living
. write my friends letters
. wish i lived somewhere else
. just need a good cry
i never:
. say no to desserts
. travel...but 'always' want to
. have any regrets
. have enough monies for all of my 'wants'
. am doing just one thing at a time

...that was fun! i saw that on someone elses' blog and thought it was a cute idea. i just did a face mask and it always leaves my face so soft & clean; lovely.

so! remember that commissioned painting i've been working on this past week? the one that's going into a new bar here in town? well it's finished & i am super pleased with the way it turned out.

want to see photos??

(this shows the size. as you can see, it's pretty big! to be honest, i've never done a painting this size...or been asked to do a painting for someone/somewhere so i was very honoured)

i think it's going to be a pretty neat feeling to go into a bar and see my painting hanging there! anyway, hope everyone had a nice weekend! i worked everyday & am on day 4/6 days straight, so far so good. i don't mind this new 4.45-midnight shift as i can get a lot done during the days!