July 10, 2009

weekend off!!

after an impromptu night of drinking, i am feeling a little hungover. mikey called me as i was getting off of work and said a bunch of them were at the only and to come. we had SO much fun! mikey was super boozy & super funny. a few of us came back to our place after where i cracked into the kahlua that was left at a shindig we had...ugh; pretty sure that's why my tummy is the way it is today.

however! i have found the perfect hangover cure...tea (of course) and freezies. basically this is all we have in the house as we really badly need to get groceries but so far it's totally working!!

so this morning i made a few purchases from etsy!
remember that girl i was blogging about before? the super cute one who has wicked tattoos (i put a link to her flickr) well! she has a really cute etsy shop too
& i think you should check it out;
i bought these cute things:
camera ring!
super cute, kawaii bear ring!

i la-la-la-love this owl wristlet.

& this super cute panda pouch!

i can't wait to get them in the mail!

so despite the fact that i am feeling a little poopy today. meg & i (& whoever wants to join) are having a girl party tonight. not sure where we will end up but it will be lots of fun; i love her!

for now, i am going to get dressed and go get subway; mmm ♥