August 16, 2009

happy birthday jujubes, i love you!
today is a very special is the prettiest girl in the worlds birthday! the girl who makes my world a happier place, just by being in it. her smile lights up the room and she's one of my most favouritest people to spend time mean so much to me julie!
yesterday was lovely. mum came to visit, as i mentioned and we did some shopping and had some lunch and nice chit chats...she helped me with my sewing machine as i am apparently useless at reading directions so it's fixed again and i can start sewing; wahoo! i got some really really nice high waisted wide leg jeans yesterday and a nice slouchy cardigan sweater (ready for fall!) oh ya and some cute gladiator sandals to replace my sandal-booties as they were cheap and therefore falling apart :( sad because they are my favourite. annnnyway! after mum left, richy came shortly after. we hung out here for a bit, had some drinks, made a wicked dinner (steak, potatoes and asparagus - it was delicious!) then (because we were melting in the apartment, it's been soooo hot lately) we decided to go visit jess at old stone and had a drink there. hmm, then what...oh ya! we took richy to our favourite patio (the only) and had a jumbo beer...also met up with some friends there ♥ peterborough is great for just running into people like that. all in all, a lovely night...nothing too crazy, just relaxing and enjoyable.

today we are all going to mikeys mums place to spend the day poolside. totally looking forward to this as i have yet to be in a pool this summer (silly, i know!) i feel like we basically just started getting really hot summer weather the past couple of weeks...and now that it's here, i'd be okay with it if it went away. it's funny...having seasons, when it's winter you're constantly wishing it was summer, when it gets to be summer and you've had enough of the hot weather, you want it to be fall...fall and spring are really the only seasons i really like and don't want them to be anything else. fall is my favourite though, by far.