August 18, 2009

i have some new blog followers whom i would like to say a warm hello to...remember when i blogged about a month ago about being all excited because i had 30 followers? well now i have 47...that's so close to 50 & i am SUPER excited! i also kind of wanted to do a brief introduction of who i am:
hi! i'm carly
. i'm 23 & at a very nice place in my life
. i live in peterborough, ontario (canada)
. i have two cute necessities in my life; mikey & andy electric (mikey is my wonderful boyfriend of a year & a half) and andy is our cute little, kitty
. i lovelovelove owls & hello kitty
. i enjoy sewing, knitting & other factors that make me a gramma
. i drink about eight cups of green tea per day (minimum)
. i was blessed with the most perfect family
. i love thrifting and prefer things that are 'previously loved'
. i adore tattoos & wish i could have a hundred (instead i have far)
. i love fall and cannot wait for the cooler weather
. i always always wear huuuge rings
. my cousin & i are opening an etsy soon & i'm super excited!
. i adore the colour red
. i want to travel lots & live in a lot of different places
. some people were born to be things...i think i was born to be a mum (not right now however but one day and i can't wait!)

um um um, what else? i don't know...i'm obsessed/love/enjoy a lot of things. you'll just have to keep reading to find out the rest...or scroll through some past entries. i'm not a very complicated person. it doesn't take much to make me umbrellas, in trees!