August 18, 2009

i've blogged about this pretty girl before, carlovely but here's a photo of a polaroid i sent her (her biggest obsesh is diet drunk one night, while drinking diet coke (with rum) i naturally thought of her & since we were taking polaroids with my fuji i thought i'd take one to send to her) anyways, thats can't see her cute face but you CAN see her wicked new owl tattoo. omg, i love it. owl chest pieces are so incredible.

speaking of being obsessed with things...
here's a few of my current loves:
♥ skinny love - bon iver
♥ getting back into sewing again!
♥ thinking of new ideas for the etsy shop
♥ cold showers (i have about 8 a day living in this, apartment)
♥ plans to see al on sunday!
♥ cowls!

...i really really want to make pretty ones like these for fall/winter...

this one is from here