August 27, 2009

oh my wow.

today i recieved TWO of the most loveliest packages in the mail!!
i am a lucky lucky girl :)
one from julie and one from becky (we did a swap!)

here are my goodies from becky..

a shrinky dink robot!

my very own dunny (becky collects them like crazy!)
isn't he sooo cute?

the plushy dunny that she made just for me!!

it even has mikey & i's initials 'engraved' in the wood!

(the back)

these cute cards that she made; availible here

julie got me this cute sock monkey keychain!
& all of these owl bookmark (which i actually have the matching notebook to!) yummy jolly rancher lippy (i'm licking it off my lips right now actually...mmm) a mini 'paper bag princess' book and a cute magnet!

i'm so glad he came finally (there was some difficulties with the ups people)

why she put the heart on match my tattoo

oh ya and did i mention that earlier in the week, mikey bought me a single rose...for no reason at all! awww, so cute! girls love that stuff. i definitely needed these little cheer up surprises this week as i've been pretty stressed out about this new department i'm going to be working for (training is over tomorrow and we go on the floor on monday) eek!! definitely nervous. buuut i'm heading home this weekend so that should be nice!!

oh ya and i got a REALLY sweet paycheque today as last cheque with commission on it (sadface) but it was a big one!