August 13, 2009

omg omg omg. i want to be shopping right now (sorry, i don't know where that came from) i want to be somewhere different...not peterborough, not toronto, not anywhere in canada, well maybe some places...but mainly i just want to go to new york and have like say, $5000? that'd be ideal and just shop 'til my hearts content. this will never happen...but a girl can dream right? ...ya know what else i want? um, this yummy cake
& this little red somewhere, anywhere in my life! omg, he's too cute to even exist! seriously? where did you come from little cute red fox?!?!
& this cute yet yummy sushi. oh wait, i get sushi tonight...good thing meg&i made a sushi date for tonight cause i am craaaving! wish it would be little pandas and chickens too though...
sometimes i want to be back in this time of my life; living with candice and aly (& pretty much, morgan too) in st.catharines, going to in this room. it was my favourite room ever. i don't mean anything against my life now...i love it as well, it's just fun to look back and see how things have changed oh-so much. ugh. it was just so much fun living there...we had this great loft, cute little kitchen, i had a huuuge balcony off my room but mostly we hungout on the roof off of candice and alys rooms...soooo much fun was had in that place.

at least some things never change. i'm still pretty much attached to my laptop.