August 21, 2009

oooo eee; i did it (or guys did)
fifty followers!
that makes me feel good; thanks for reading guys ♥

janel has a really neat blog giveaway over on her blog running with scissors and it's to win a quilt that she is going to make out of the above looks like it's going to be so seventies! i realllly want to win it. i have been wanting a nice quilt for quite some time...there are a bunch of ways to enter but the main criteria for being able to enter is that you have to send her an 8" by 8" piece of fabric (of your choice) in which she is going to make a quilt for herself and then giveaway this one she's making out of the pictured fabric. for more info, head over to her blog! even if you don't want to enter the giveway, still check out her blog; she's a very crafty gal!


i've been a little tired this is pretty draining (hehe, that rhymed) but really, it has been. lots&lots of new information that we have to learn so i've been a little stressed. i'm nervous about going live (again...i remember feeling this several months ago when i first went on the floor) a part of me would love to just stay in training foreverrrr! i did some overtime last night as well, 10 hour day annnd there's overtime availible all next week as well so i volunteered to do that just so i'm not super rusty after 3 weeks of not being on the phones...that and i get time and half; woo $$$! BUT that means 10 hours days monday through friday (7 hours in training and 3 hours on the phones)the things we do for money hey? it runs lives. unfortunately.



tonight i am meeting up for beers at the only with meg when she's done worky and then later tonight, mikey & i are having a date night and going to see district 9, i am super stoked as i love nerdy alien movies and i've heard it's reallyreally good! (oh ya and i adore movie popcorn) tomorrow i will hopefully be able to sleep in (i can't seem to anymore much really) and then mikey&i are going to a wedding (of his friends...i don't really know them well at all) but it will still be fun to dress up :) annnd sunday, i'm meeting up with alycat in toronto ♥ going to be a good weekend.

oh hi cute boyfriend.

hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and let's hope it doesn't rain!